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Driving Safety Course

Defensive Driving Course Affidavit Form

You must have this request postmarked within 30 calendar days of your citation date.  You must have a valid Texas driver’s license or be active military, valid liability insurance in which your name is listed on the policy, the alleged speed was not 25 miles or more over the posted limit and you were not cited in a construction zone, and you have not taken this course in the past 12 months from the date of violation, not from the date of request.  This option does not apply to those with a Commercial Driver’s License.

If you are active military or military dependent and do not possess a Texas Driver’s License, you are not required to submit a driving record from DPS. You must submit a copy of your military ID.

I understand that I am making a plea of no contest and I must provide the court with a certified copy of my driving record and pay $10.00 for this record (Once we receive your request, we will send you the application or you may go online to www.texas.gov to order your driving record for $12.00, Type 3A), pay state fees of $114.10 or $139.10 if cited in a school zone, a copy of my driver’s license and/or military ID, and a copy of my liability insurance.  I understand that I am required to pay the fees for the driver’s safety course as well.  I understand that none of the fees are refundable even if I decide not to take DSC or I do not complete the required paperwork and turn into the court within the 90-day period.  I understand that this request will be revoked should I not follow these terms and I will be required to pay the fine in full.  NO EXTENSIONS FOR THIS OPTION!

This form must be notarized and postmarked by your appearance date. If the form is not notarized, we cannot accept your paperwork. You will need to include the following documents with your request-

  • State fees of $114.10 or $139.10 if cited in a school zone payable to the Florence Municipal Court. See payment information tab. 
  • Copy of your Valid Driver’s License and/or Military ID
  • Copy of your Valid Liability Insurance (Insurance must be in your name)

To view State approved Courses, please click on the following link.