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Police Department

Florence Police Department
PO Box 430
851 FM 970
Florence, Texas 76527
254-793-4021 fax

Williamson County Sheriff’s Department non-emergency

The Florence Police Department  will strive to provide quality public service based on high ethical and professional standards.  This mission is to be attained through a sincere commitment to public service.  It includes preserving the peace and order of the City through conflict management and enforcement of criminal laws.  It also includes being both responsive and responsible to the public we serve.  We will strive to serve, educate and protect the public through community collaboration, problem recognition, problem resolution and police action.  In carrying out our mission, we must work with our community as a team to ensure that the citizens of Florence are provided the best protection and service we can give.

Our philosophy encourages two-way communication between Police Officers and the residents in the city they serve.  We believe that the members of the Police Department and residents of the city can work together to solve problems and address issues in an atmosphere of trust and teamwork.

Mission Statement:
It is the mission of the Florence Police Department to serve the citizens of Florence by providing professional law enforcement and safeguarding the lives and property of the people we serve. We accomplish this by working with honor and integrity.


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