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Code of Ordinances

City of Florence Code of Ordinances

The City of Florence ordinances were codified May 5, 2015, by Franklin Legal Publishing.

In part, codification is the periodic identification of the general and permanent provisions of each ordinance and the organization of those provisions by category.

Ordinances and amendments to ordinances approved since December 5, 2014, and awaiting codification, will be listed chronologically below.

the list of ordinances and amendments that appears on this site may not reflect the most current legislation adopted by the City of Florence. From time to time, new ordinances are adopted and existing ordinances are amended that may not be posted. These documents should not be relied upon definitive authority for local legislation, but can provide useful information to citizens. For further information, please contact City Hall at 254-793-2490.

Ordinances adopted since December 5, 2014, that have not been codified.

No. 03012016-01 Ordinance providing for the establishment of a three-way stop Intersection with the installation of stop signs at the intersection of Preslar Avenue and South Street. Adopted April 5, 2016.

No 05022017-01 Ordinance re-establishing a Juvenile Curfew

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