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Employment Application

The City of Florence is seeking applications for Lifeguards. See the essential duties and responsibilities below. Essential Duties & Responsibilities: • Ensure the safety of facility patrons by strictly but courteously enforcing all pool rules and regulations. • Interact with and educate the public about safety concerns. • Performs with extreme prudence, emergency service by rescuing, resuscitating, or administering first aid as required. • Attend mandatory in-service trainings and perform all lifesaving skills as required. • Assist in maintaining the pool, deck, and entire facility in a safe and sanitary condition by performing tasks as requested by the Pool Manager(s) or his/her supervisors. • Maintain order in the pool facility, recognize potential hazards and take necessary steps to prevent accidents. • Provide good customer service to all pool patrons and fellow employees in the performance of duties. • Periodically check the bathrooms and pool grounds for trash and clean up as needed. • Performs opening duties and closing duties as assigned. • Other duties as assigned by supervision/management. Education/Experience/Certification Qualifications: • American Red Cross Lifeguard Certification. Must be at least 15 years old at time of employment.